Daily Usage Starter Pack

Enjoy everything this versatile starter pack has to offer!

Smart & Sassy 15ml, doTERRA Balance, Citrus Bliss, Elevation 15ml, Lavender 5ml, Lemon 5ml, Peppermint 5ml, Tea Tree 5ml, Oregano 5ml, Frankincense 5ml, Ice Blue 5ml, Easy Air 5ml, Onguard 5ml, Past Tense 10 ml, DDR Prime Softgels, Fractionated Coconut Oil 115ml, Salon Essentials Shampoo 250ml, Salon Essentials Conditioner 250ml, Onguard Toothpaste, Onguard Cleaner Concentrate, Ice Blue Rub, Petal Diffuser, Wellness Advocate Introductory Pack and Enrolment.